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If you are planning for a city trip with family or a group of friends for a chill out at tourist places near the city. Moreover, our Maxi Cabs service is idle for people travelling in large numbers in a group. Our Maxi cabs have the capacity of 11 people in our maxi cabs. It is fully air-conditioned and carries all basic amenities and LED television for entertainment during a long hour trip. Cranbourne taxis service believe that once a price is fixed no one should end up paying any extra cent. Unless there is a last min change in the agreed-upon journey.

Our maxi cabs have a facility for accommodating and transporting large luggage which is unable to fit on other small size cabs. Our maxi cabs have guide ways to roll a wheelchair inside the cab. You need to just plan your date and time for a trip and book it in simple steps and our cab with a courteous chauffeur is at your location with no delay.

Salient Feature of Maxi Cabs Is As Following

  • Our maxi van is suitable for large business groups requiring transfers from Melbourne airport to the official meeting place and conference
  • There is room for excessive luggage carrying by passengers.
  • Accommodate up to 10-12 passengers.


Knowing where one can trust in the Cranbourne Taxis for the best Silver Taxi service. With no questions asked we have been running the Cab Business for many years. We know what they will be looking for in Taxi Services. While keeping that in mind the Services are design with all the features and modes of easing anytime Related to Travelling with us. You can book a taxi to the airport online and pay the fare using a card or cash